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Monday, October 17, 2011

HAIR | #30daysnoheat and beyond....

I finished my #30daysnoheat challenge on the 10th October. I know it is now the 17th but I have a lot to tell you! I was so used to not using heat on my hair that I actually carried on until the 13th without realising! Then the day after I washed my hair and as I was working from home just sprayed some leave-in condition in it and left it to dry (usually I load it with various products and give it a scrunch to help with the waves) and it was relatively straight and frizz free!

So what have I learnt from #30daysnoheat?

I actually prefer using Curlformers to curling irons.
Yes curling irons are more convenient in some situations, but I find the results aren't as good or long lasting. Where Curlformers curls will last me the whole night and are shiny bouncy curls, curling iron curls last a few hours and are a bit too loose, also the amount of hair spray I have to use to keep my curls for these few hours make the curls look dull and lifeless. I can also use Curlformers with my hair extensions without damaging them which means they last longer!
Also if you put them in the night before you go out or before you do you make up and spend 30 minutes trying on various outfits (during which I usually give my boyfriend a mini fashion show whilst he plays COD or what ever video game and pretends that he is interested) then they aren't that time consuming. Alternatively as I can now use heat I might try using a hood attachment to my blow dryer like Tanya Burr.

I don't need heat.
Yes that is right! Although I can use heat now, and I will, I don't not feel like I need to do it to all the time. I think I am going to be using my hair straighteners a lot less, I personally find that they make my hair a lot flatter than blow drying and I like the look of a good blow out!

A well suited hair cut is essential.
My hair is quite thin and frizzy, by giving myself some time dealing with my natural hair I have realised that the longer my hair is the more manageable it is I.E. straighter and frizz free. Therefore I am on a mission to grow out my layers!

Shampoo and condition properly.
When I first started this challenge, one of my major hair issues was that my roots would be greasy and my ends straw like, this has now changed! Not just because I haven't been sucking all the moisture out of my hair, but also because I have changed how I wash my hair! Firstly I now use a clarifying shampoo which has helped quite a lot (I am also going to try a sulphate free shampoo soon), I also only massage it into my scalp and just let the water take it through my tips, this means the shampoo doesn't strip away all the moisture from my hair. I only apply conditioner to my ends leaving it for a few minutes also once a week I apply a hair mask.

No Heat Survival Essentials Count Down

5. A Natural Bristle Brush

Made my hair a lot shinier and the ends less dry! Also a lot softer on my hair with tangles!

4. Gliss Liquid Silk Express Repair Leave-In Conditioner

This product is amazing, my hair is shiny and soft and you can apply to damp or dry hair so if my ends are looking a bit nasty I just give them a spray and brush (i have even caught my O/H using it too!)

3. Argan Oil For Face Body Hair Nails

Argon Oil is great for adding extra health to your hair! If you are using heat apply a little to the ends of damp hair before blow drying it or to dry hair if you are straightening it.

2.Elvive Hair Mask
Since Regan at Ruby Hair Designs recommended this product I have become obsessed. If I'm really treating my hair I will apply and then wrap my hair/head with cling-film and leave it for half an hour (you can leave it over night) before I wash it out. The cling film holds in the heat released from your head, this will help your hair take in more of the goodness!

1. Curlformers Long and Extra Wide
These have been my life saver! I have used them for every party I've needed to go to, or if I was going out with my friends. People even commented on how shiny and soft my hair looked. Some even said, I didn't know your hair was naturally like that! These have been fantastic. I also have the Long and Wide ones, but my little sister has kidnapped them and refuses to give them back because she 'neeeeeeds them' (imagine irritating child voice with sad eyes).

So there you have it! I never realised I was going to learn so much about my hair by doing this! I also thought it would be a lot harder to go without heat for 30 days and thought that by the end of it I would be gagging for my GHDs!

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