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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

LIFESTYLE | Gumtree Daily Deals and PayPal #Fail


I know this is a bit off topic for my usual posts but I amso disappointed with Gumtree Daily Deals customer service it is unreal.

Last month I came across a deal on Gumtree Daily Deals, ifyou paid £5 you would receive £15 in your Paypal account. I bought the offer(well within the 10,000 they had to give away) and once I received my voucher Iredeemed it as instructed by the 3rd November. In theory all I hadleft to do was wait until the money came into my PayPal account ‘on or aroundthe 10th November’.

The 10th of November came and went, and havingworked in retail and considering they said ‘on or around the 10th’ Iwaited a few more days to see if it would come into my account. On the 13thI submitted a request on the website asking if they could let me know when I couldexpect to receive the £15 in my bank account. I was replied to the followingday, which was quite prompt if I am honest, asking if I had since received mycredit (No) and can I verify which PayPal email I submitted. I replied and receiveda polite email back saying:

This is the first I've encountered inregards to this problem. I'm going to look into this issue and get back to youas soon as possible. Please be patient while we resolve it with Paypal. Thanks

So again I am left waiting patiently for a response. Havingnot heard anything for 3 days I emailed asking if there was any news. (I usedto be a Customer Service Manager and wouldn’t have dreamt of leaving a customerin the dark for 3 days, even if it was a quick call to say we haven’t got anynews just to let them know we haven ‘t forgotten and that we are trying toresolve the issue). After not hearing anything back I quiet hastily sentanother email containing my voucher number and voicing my concerns that peoplein some forums in a similar situation were being ignored by Gumtree.

I was eventually replied to with:

“We're still working on it. Please be patient while weresolve it with Paypal. Thanks.

Although this was a response it seemed to be a cut and pastefrom the previous email, and contained no information as to what was happening.I replied asking for more information and pointing out that it was essentiallythe same email I’d received earlier on in the week and that after that I hadheard nothing. The response was not very helpful but did guarantee me a refund.

“UnfortunatelyI can't supply anymore information as we are waiting on Paypal to figure thingsout on their end. I can assure you that if the deal is not processed you areguaranteed a refund.

Hopingthis would be resolved I waited patiently, again. This morning I noticed thatyesterday I received a credit for £5 from Gumtree in my bank account. Whilst itis good to see that they are true to their word i was a bit annoyed for a fewreasons.

·        The first is that I have received nothing to advise me thathad refunded me, if I hadn’t have noticed I would have continued wasting mytime trying to resolve the issue.

·        Secondly I would appreciate an explanation as to why,although I paid £5 for this deal and redeemed the coupon as instructed the dealdid not work resulting in my refund

·        Thirdly I would have liked (however small) some compensationfor the time I spent chasing up Gumtree Daily Deals and for the dissatisfactionof not receiving the deal and lack of information whilst waiting for it to beresolved.

It is obvious that I am very disappointed withthe service I have received from Gumtree Daily Deals and will definitely not bepurchasing any of their deals again. I know that I am not the only person tohave been treated in this manor, and I would urge people not to use thisservice in future as it is more hassle than it is worth. It’s a shame reallybecause I always had a very high opinion of Gumtree.
*** Update  22/11/07***

Just received this email:
"We've just received noticed from Paypal, the email address you submitted was invalid. If your account is indeed valid, you must contact Paypal directly to rectify this issue. Your account has been refunded £5, the reversal will appear on your next credit card statement."

That's all well and good but 2 things:
1. My email address is valid.
2. What are Paypal going to do to rectify this? You already refunded me.

I have emailed them back with my concerns. The wait goes on.

I would just like to say that I have since been refunded the additional £10 as well is 1 pound compensation. I also received a detailed email apologising and explaining the problem.

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