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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

BEAUTY | I love my Muff #muffmadness

So how do I start a blog post about feminine hygiene? It's a bit of an awkward topic to be honest, although i'm 26 I still laugh when I see Vagisil on a shop shelf! I don't know how everyone else feels but I find it quite embarrassing, going into Boots or where ever and looking at or buying these sort of products. I guess it's just a taboo(ish) subject.

Recently I came across I Love My Muff and the pretty frank name and stylish packaging really made me want the product. Yes I know I just wrote a whole paragraph about how I cringe at buying feminine products, but I Love My Muff is different, it's a statement, rather than say FemFresh, which in my mind implies that I need to freshen up.
Another great thing about the I Love My Muff range is that it uses natural ingredients, is cruelty free and vegan friendly.

I opt'ed for the green maintenance kit. In the kit I received a 4oz bottle of the Green Clean Wash, Green Pure Spray and Green Soft Lotion as well as several handy Fresh Wipes.

 I have been using these products for about 3 weeks now and I love them! Firstly they smell amazing - Vanilla and Citrus. Secondly I actually feel liberated using these products! I know it sounds weird but it really made me feel extra confident. 

The instructions on the clean wash are quiet quirky, not your typical 'lather, rinse and repeat', instead 'lather, love, rinse' which put a bit of  smile on my face!

The pure spray is a god send, it has antiseptic and soothing ingredients so is perfect for after shaving or waxing! It is also very refreshing! The soft lotion also is a great addition to your after shaving/waxing routine, it leaves your bikini area so smooth. The wipes are so handy to have in your bag, just in case you need a midday freshen up too!

I am very happy with my new maintenance routine! I would definitely say I Love My Muff and obviously after writing a this blog piece it is fair to say that I have dealt with my immature approach to feminine hygiene. Now I just have to work on the giggles I get when I see tubes of Germoloid cream.

I Love My Muff products are available from Harvey Nichols nationwide.



  1. Haha I just wrote a blog post on vaginal wipes today! You're right it is this weird taboo thing and I ( at 26 too) thought stuff it! Let's talk about this!!

  2. why do you have to have wipes for your muff though? I thought simple showering was enough to keep any muff area clean.

  3. The wipes are useful to keep 'fresh' when traveling or at festivals. Also when it's that time of the month if you are a bit conscious :)


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