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Thursday, July 19, 2012

HAIR | Behind the scenes of the Curlformers Photo Shoot

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to hang out at the Curlformers photo shoot at the Electric Hairdressing Studio in Brighton. Whilst I was there I also took over their Twitter account to tweet about the shoot! I love Curlformers so much, my favorite type is the Wide and Extra Long, as I like casual beach curls! The photo shoot consisted of two days of capturing pictures for eight products. Each model had their photo taken before the Curlformers were put in, with a full head of Curlformers, with a few taken out and then finally once the hair has been styled after they were removed.

I learnt some exciting news about up coming product so keep your eyes out! Also I learnt some great tips from the hair stylist on set, which I believe Curlfomers will be blogging about in the coming weeks. One that I found really useful was to part the hair in zig zags, which I will be trying next time I use them.

I had a fantastic time on the day and would like to thank the Curlformers team for inviting me along.

Love Lilla xx


  1. They look so interesting! Do you have a picture of how they looked when finished?

    I love curling my hair so may have to check these out :)

    1. There you go added a picture, they do 3 different types, this is the middle one. They do a tighter curl and a looser one. x

  2. I've never seen these before...amazed!
    Great post!
    Found you through BlogHop


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