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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

LIFESTLYE | Discrimination Of The Breast Kind

Despite having a relatively large chest since my early teens, it was only a year or so ago that I started wearing properly fitting bras. After spending years squeezing my E/F cups into ill-fitting Marks and Spencer's bras, and listening to their awful fitting advice (I was once told I had an A cup), I finally learnt how bras should support me and will never turn back.

Not only does a well fitting bra support your breast better, but it also can change your shape, make you look slimmer and be more comfortable.

My problem however is the amount of places that actually stock DD+ bras. Yes there are loads of retailers online but do I really need to go to each suppliers website individually to buy Bras (Freya, Curvy Kate etc)? Also I'd like to know for sure that the bras are going to fit me when they arrive.

1. Yes Marks and Spencers stock them, but I feel reluctant to purchase bras from a company who can't even fit their models properly for their marketing and advertising campaigns let alone advise women on what bra size they should wear. This is actually a real sore point for me as Marks and Spencer's are a British institution know for their quality service, yet they are consistently failing to fit women correctly.

2. My lovely O/H bought me some bras in LaSenza for Christmas (40E), I went there this weekend to get refitted (as I've lost weight) only to find out that since they went into administration and reopened, they have changes suppliers and now only go up to DD. I'm very disappointed with La Senza, stocking larger bras at affordable prices made them my go to shop, but alas no more.

3. Bravissimo, are fantastic, they have a great range of DD+ bras and swimwear. The only issue for me is the price, even in the sale a bra will cost over £20. Obviously it is important to invest in decent bras, but I don't have the money to buy a good collection at £30-£40 each, especially while I'm losing weight.

4. Debenhams is a safe place to shop for Bras, they have a large range of brands, the problem is that my local store does not generally hold a large amount of DD+ bras.

5. It was pointed out to me that I had forgotten Ann Summers. My personal opinion of Ann Summers is that it's bras are cheap and nasty looking. In my experience, their bras are quite ill fitting, even when fitted correctly I find that the underwiring digs in. Thats not to say that everybody will have the same problem.

I have ordered some bras in the sale from Boux Avenue who are reasonably priced and do a large range of DD+ sizes. Fingers crossed they fit well.

If you would like to get some good advice on bra fittings and DD+ ranges or clothes for a fuller figure, I definitely recommend reading Georgia Horne's Blog.


  1. I feel your pain! I'm a DD/E and it's a nightmare trying to get bras in my size that offer support and prettiness without costing a fortune! Thankyou for sharing these tips though - I also rate Debenhams. New Look also do some larger cup sizes in a few styles, I picked up a pretty one from there recently! x

    1. Thank you Milly! I wasn't aware New Look did larger sizes, I shall check it out. Someone pointed out to me that I haven't mentioned Ann Summers, will add it later but I just think they are unsupportive and nasty!

  2. My breasts aren't large, but they are quite big, a D cup for a very skinny woman with a small back.
    I was looking for unpadded, non underwired bra's all over town and I didn't like mostly anything. I really like simple "french" style triangles those are OK as I don't need to make them look slimmer but I definitely don't want them bigger.
    I ended up getting some "lightly padded" pack that made me look pointy until I washed them several times in hot water and a sports bra...
    I wish I can find some simple cotton triangle that it isn't for a 12 yrs old *sigh*

    1. I had a similar problem when I was larger where bands wouldn't go up large enough. I know that blogger has the same issue as you so you might find her blog quiet handy. x

  3. Lilla,
    I am very flattered you linked to my blog, thankyou =)
    I will put this post in the recommended reading section of my website.

    EJay x

    1. Thank you EJay! I love your honest about bra brands and the depth you go into. Might check out the Kelly Brook range to see if it fits well!

      Lilla Jade x

  4. I always found it hard to find a bra that fits properly. It seems as though it took an age for places to get the hint that people with smaller back sizes can have DD+ cup sizes too. I'm looking forward to seeing what you discover!
    xo Nat

    1. I got my Boux Avenue bras last night, and they fit incredibly well. Their bands start at 30 inches and go up to a G cup. Will be posting about my Boux Avenue bras tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled!


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