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Monday, July 16, 2012

LIFESTYLE | Weekly Portrait #2

So here is my second ever weekly portrait, still haven't worked out that I need to be putting make up on, but to be honest I think I look OK.
Despite the fact that I blog regularly about beauty products, I am a strong believer in feeling comfortable in your own skin. I know not everyone is make up crazy but it saddens me when women feel that they can't leave the house with out a full face of slap on.
Yes, I wear make up quite regularly but I am also perfectly happy going out sans war paint, I think it's good to give your skin time to breathe.

Today the Olympic torch is passing through Brighton and Hove. To celebrate the Rizzle Kicks are playing a free show and I managed to get tickets. Lets just hope the weather perks up because I don't want to get wet and muddy :(

                                                        Love Lilla xx


  1. you honestly have amazing skin to say your makeup free! i think it's lovely that you feel confident enough to venture out without the slap :) ahh i saw rizzle kicks a few weeks back at a festival, they were awwsome, have fun! :)xo

    1. That is so kind of you! They were quite good, sound wasn't great though. I felt surprisingly proud when the torch passed through as well! xx

  2. You look absolutely amazing with no make up on! Fabulous brows! I also live with no make up when at home.

    Thanks for following :) x

    1. Thank you! My Brows are tattooed! But before that I got HD Brows x


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