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Friday, August 10, 2012

FASHION | High street Swimwear Despair

As with bras, getting a swimming costume or bikini on the high street is close to impossible. I walk into New Look, Topshop etc looking at all there lovely swimwear none of which will ever support my chest. The tiny triangle bikini tops or the cutout swimming costumes are not designed for people with boob, well at least natural ones that need supporting. Before I heard of Bravissimo, I would just got to which ever shop sold an underwired bikini top big enough to offer the tiniest amount of support and would wear it under my tankini or swimming costume.

Luckily I am now aware of loads of places you can get proper supportive swimwear, and the ones above are some of my favorite costumes. Bravissimo and Bra Stop both have sales on at the moment too, the Ballet swimming costume is just £19.00 which is a bargain!

I have bought the Prairie so that I can go swimming on the beach, if the sun ever comes out again! I also hope to be comfortable enough with my body and have lost enough wait to be able to wear a bikini in Spain when I go in October!

Love Lilla xx



  1. I love this post :) I always have issues with buying swimwear especially in high street stores :(
    great blog I found you through the blog hop xxx

  2. The Prairie one is gorgeous! It can be really hard to find flattering swimwear when you've got major boobage! x

  3. hey i nominated you for the liebster award :)

  4. great post :)!!

    found you through BBU Blog Hop and now following.

  5. What a great post! The Prairie one is amazing.

    I am now following your blog via GFC. Please take a look at mine when you have time. :)


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