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Monday, August 20, 2012

BEAUTY | Mudd Sea Mask - My Go To Face Mask

I don't know why I always pull such a gormless face... very unattractive! Anyway, in prep for the wedding I went to at the weekend I decided to use a face mask. I always use face masks a week or so before a big occasion to minimise the risk of spots that might appear as a result of using the mask.

I've been using the Mudd Hydrating Sea Clay Formula Mask  since I was in my teens, it is a deep pore cleansing mask that also hydrates. It contains marine protein, minerals and vitamins that combine with the pure clay to absorb excess oil and dirt, it also uses kelp, seaweed and Irish moss to hydrate the skin. 

Before applying the mask I soaked my face with warm, moist cloth and then blotted dry before applying to my entire face (except my eyes) and leaving on for 10-15minutes. The clay dries and stiffens up. To remove gut wet another cloth and gently wipe off. The mask always leaves my skin feeling really fresh and not all tight like other mask do, it's also really easy to remove! 

I really love this mask but I think I'm going to look into making my own! If you know of any good recipes let me know!

Love Lilla xx


  1. great review! I've seen some good recipes using tomatoes! Also check out Moonie face cloths to remove your face mask with! x

  2. Hi Lilla, I've just come across your blog from Julie "Sweets are my Weakness" blog and I love it! Love the fact you're not afraid to post photos of yourself with a face mask on! Must try out this mask because I love the fact it's resealable! Mary (aka your new follower) x

    1. Thank you Mary. You are so sweet. I have followed you back on GFC x

  3. Great post! I love face masks!
    My favourite home made mask is avocado and honey, I sometimes add egg yolks, olive/coconut oil or yogurt too! :)

    Natasha Carly x

    1. Thank you Natasha, I will try this recipe out1 Following you on GFC :)x


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