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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

COMPETITION | Scentsy Giveaway

Doodle Bum* the plate is from the Jadestone warmer, as Sega had a bit of an accident and broke the actual one.

The lovely Fiona Parry lent me one of her Scentsy Doodle Bud warmer to try. I hadn't heard of Scentsy before, but they have a whole range of scented products. The idea behind the brand is that they replace scented candles.

You place one or two of the scent cubes on the tray, plug it in and the heat melts the cubes down and they burn for hours.

They have a huge range of different style burners, so there is one suitable for any decor. They also sell Scentsy buddies, which are soft toys that you can pop your favorite scent in to it for your kids, as well as a range of solid perfume fragrances that you can just rub on your wrist.

They have a large collection os scents too! I tried the 'Echo' scent from the Scentsy Mans range and it is lovely. It's got spicy notes with a subtle hint of citrus. I sometimes get headaches from scented candles, but was completely fine with the Scentsy burner.

I definitely have my eye on some of the other warmers especially from the Silhouette Collection.

Fiona has also very kindly given me a Jadestone warmer along with a 'My Dear Watson' scent pack and the new 'Eliven' scent to giveaway. You can enter below.

Love Lilla xx

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  1. These sound lovely, thanks for the awesome giveaway!


  2. Look out for all the new Autumn/Winter scents available on the website from the 1st Sept, Frosted Ginger Cookie, Snowberry, Honey Pear Cider, Eastern Treasures, Panettone and many more with lots of new warmer designs too.

  3. What a fab giveaway! I am so excited about Scentsy coming to the UK as I've heard so much from my friends and family in the USA!


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