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Sunday, August 12, 2012

LIFESTYLE | Weekly Portrait #6 Birthday Edition

Today is my 27th birthday, although in my head I feel a hell of a lot younger! As I was at my friends wedding last night I am feeling a little bit hungover so today Joe and I are having one of our epic Sunday roast and watching movies all day :) Don't worry I am going to celebrate my birthday next Saturday!
The wedding was absolutely beautiful and the bride looked amazing, like a mermaid. It was really rustic and chic, the venue was superb and the food was amazing too!

Anyway I need my movie fix! Have a lovely day.

Love Lilla xxx


  1. Happy Birthday Lilla :) I hope you have a lovely day. Would you still like to guest post on my blog? xx

  2. Happy birthday! I hope you have a fab day (food + films sounds perfect to me!) and enjoy your extra celebrations next week! xx

  3. Enjoy your birthday lovely, you deserve it!

    The wedding sounds like it was brilliant!

  4. happy happy birthday! :) Have a fantastic day x x


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