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Saturday, September 29, 2012

LIFESTYLE | Week In Photos #12

lilac nails with purple glitter tips / ciaté black pearl nails / lilac tops / hair dye / vintage ray bans / stargazer cosmic blue and tropical green / new neon tee / tea / white glasses / heart glasses / fruit loops / liz earle / no potato waffles
Yet another week has gone by! Got some exciting things coming up this week. Tomorrow I am helping out at the UK Recovery Walk 2012. The walk is a pride walk for recovering addicts. I'm helping out as one of my best friends is organising it but more importantly I wanted to support her while she marches with pride. She has been clean for nearly three years now and has come so far!

 On Sunday I am spending the day relaxing with Joe, while we watch series seven of 24! Jack Bauer forever!!! Also on Wednesday,  I am going to a T.H.X bloggers event, and most exciting of all next weekend I am going on the Harry Potter Tour!

This week I have dyed my dip dye blue fading into green as I wanted to do something fun before I get rid of my dip dye next month. I will be reviewing the dye next week! I also bought a few basic tees and some sale jewellery, I might do a post on them!

Have a lovely weekend!
Love Lilla xx

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  1. So pretty! I just love your posts and am now your newest follower! I’d be so happy if you could follow back as I don’t have many followers :3 xD


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