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Monday, October 08, 2012

LIFESTYLE | Zombie Fancy Dress for Halloween

via SmileHam
Via: Heather Buckley
Many many moons ago, Brighton had it's first ever "Beach of the Dead". This is basically the Brighton Zombie walk, that takes place once a year around Halloween. If you aren't familiar with the concept of a Zombie walk it is basically when a bunch of people meet in one place dressed as Zombies and walk to another destination as Zombies (limp feet, groaning, arms out etc.).We found a make up tutorial online and did our make up using liquid latex and toilet roll to create the sores.

Dressing up as a Zombie is always such fun! As Zombies don't discriminate when it comes to eating peoples brains you can literally be a Zombified anything as demonstrated by this Ace Fancy Dress video.

What is your favorite thing to dress up as for Halloween?

Love Lilla xx 


  1. Eww this is so creepy. But I still want to slap some blood on!
    Haha, amazing.
    Erica xo

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