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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

LIFESTYLE | Valentines Gift from Kissalo

Kissalo box *
In the lead up to Valentines Day I was sent this sense box from Kissalo. Kissalo is similar to Birchbox, but instead of beauty products you get items to spice up your relationship. As with other box services you can sign up to a one off box, monthly subscription or quarterly.

The first box you receive is designed to tempt your senses. It contains some Fizz Wizz popping candy to tantalise your taste buds and to add an extra dimension to other activities. The cherry scented Liquid Love heated massage oils stimulates your sense of smell while also helping you and your partner heat things up in the bedroom. The sound of the paddle against bare flesh covers the sound aspect and the candle is for sight. Obviously the lube is for touching. The kit also comes with condoms to encourage safe sex.

After receiving each box Kissalo asks users to rate each product so that they can fine tune what they send you in the future.

I've hidden this ready for Valentines Day and will be adding to a few other bits we have collected to keep our romantic side spontaneous!

What have you got planned for Valentines day?

Love Lilla xx



  1. I kinda thought I would hate such a box and just think 'tacky' - but actually I'm sat here thinking well it would make a talking point at the very least lol.

    Life in a Break Down

  2. That seems like such a fun idea and I agree, a talking point if nothing else : )

  3. cute products :) lovely post and lovely blog <3 <3

  4. Hi Lilla how are you? I hope you are well. I never heard of this so i'm going to have a look at their website, i'm sure my husband would like it ;).


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