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Sunday, March 17, 2013

FASHION | The Lovely Little Black Dress

 The end of another blazing fashion week and the dawn of a whole ear of new clothes and designs; the trailblazing event that happens but once a year, pooled together the very best designers and showcased a whole range of trends ready for take-off.

Christopher Kane, at the helm of Burberry, led the Brit Pack with a marvellous medley of dresses, patched with feathers and flowers - which will no doubt show other dresses how to do it. Erdem, though, was particularly interesting this year. The designer illustrated a pleasing preoccupation with Bergman black and the solemn solace of dark attire.

With summer approaching at some near point (if spring ever finally launches), it was a strange and beautiful sight to see spring wear so melancholic.

However, it conforms to one of fashion’s core ideologies: The Little Black Dress.

While it’s still causing a storm on catwalks, it continues to send ripples of gothic glam throughout the high street too. With designs that are chic, classic and traditionally perfect for all occasions –from the formal to the daytime, the item has a firm and fixed place in the hearts of many wardrobes.

Next has grabbed some attention with especially varied takes on little black dresses that are surprisingly different and pleasingly familiar. One of the misconceptions about this dress is that it can blend to a whole background of other black dresses.

This is not true.

Next shows how to covet the black dress beautifully and to fill your wardrobe with designs that can vary from day to day – one for every day of the week. From their lovely black lace dress, to their dainty broderie lace dress – their styles are made to show exactly what the little black dress can do.

The beauty of the black dress is that it can and does go with a range of accessories such as wedge sandals and clutch bags. From colour-blocking candy shoes, to hot red pumps with a camel trench – the looks are endlessly fabulous, forever beguiling and always in fashion.
From catwalk to high street, long live this precious item – and may its solemn hue bring smiles to our faces forever.



  1. A black dress is a must have !

  2. I love little black dresses's! Lace ones always look so lovely too :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  3. That first dress is absolutely stunning. Next are really upping their game recently I think. Beautiful!

    I've only just gotten round to checking out your blog since you left me your link on twitter last week. Taken me ages, I'm sorry! Anyway, I'm a newfollower and I'm looking forward to catching up on your blog :)
    Thanks for leaving me your link

    Love Neeny


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