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Monday, December 16, 2013

LIFESTYLE | Christmas Gift Ideas!

Ok, so we are here, it's December, Christmas is next week and all of a sudden you are filled with dread because you were convinced you had ages of time, and now it is all gone and you haven't bought a single present! Here are some last minute gift ideas!

Gifts for him....

Now that hubs and I are married, I am now responsible for his stocking (yes, my 26 year old husband still demands a stocking!). As this will be the first Christmas we will have without my father-in-law, I want to make this years activities as great as possible so am trying to get great presents!

His stocking always contains a novelty Christmas gift, and I thought these Christmas fridge magnets would be perfect - and can be used as decoration next year!

Booze related gift - I didn't know you could get Jager bomb glasses, but you could also choose whiskey rocks, a personalised bottle of something or even one of those gift packs from the supermarket.

Food related gifts, I don't know about the men you are buying for, but Hubs thinks he is a whizz in the kitchen and has recently developed an obsession with spicy condiments, honestly we could start our own spice shop, so I thought why not get him a Chilli growing kit!

Finally, this gift is another novelty/bonding gift - hubs loves dinosaurs and building things and I like baking and eating so this gives us the opportunity to make and build these together.

christmas dress up fridge magnets/ iwantoneofthose
jagerbomb glasses / homewetbar
grow your own chili and dinosaur cookie cutter / firebox

Presents for her...

Smellys are a go to gift for all women and Baylis and Harding have some great gift boxes available, ranging from spa packs to foot care. Guys be warned, this is not generally a present for a girlfriend, maybe more suitable for an aunt you rarely see.

 I've also included a Vivabox (in both for her and for him), if you haven't heard, is a perfume box that comes with several perfume samples for the recipient to test out and a voucher, which they can redeem for a full bottle of their favorite fragrance!

Another great gift is getting a lovely case for a smartphone or tablet - great way to girly up any women's tech, and a great surprise if you know they might be receiving one of these for Christmas - just make sure you give it to them after they've opened the item.

Lastly, as a whole us women are a sentimental lot - so why not buy a frame and give a great picture as a gift. A few years ago hubs framed a photo booth picture from when we first started dating and gave it to me as a gift - I was made :)

baylis and harding gift set/ boots
phone case/ proporta
frame/ debenhams
vivabox/ theperfumeshop

Have you already bought your gifts, or are you a last minute shopper like me?

Love Lilla x

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