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Saturday, February 08, 2014

FASHION | Are Trainers Back in Fashion?

RAG & BONE 'Slinky' t-shirt/ Oblivion Bomber jacket/ Quilted leather Skirt / Trainers /
  Chunky Rose Gold Chain /  Incoco Nail Polish Strips, Green, Tapas for Two
Hubs and I have opposite takes on style. He is a firm believer in Fashion over function, whereas I love comfort! If I’m not comfortable in what I am wearing then I don’t feel confident, and to be honest confidence is 99% of everything.

I usually live in my converse day to day, even at work, where my colleagues change out of their comfortable shoes into one of the pairs they keep in their desk. I think we are all thrilled to be seeing comfy trainers coming back into fashion.

I love the idea of matching trainers with girly skirts, a bit similar to flowing dresses and Dr Martens. I’ve been looking at a few pairs of ASICS as they come in some amazing colours, to suit every mood! I’ve created a moodboard around my favourite pair!

What do you think? Are you a fan of trainers, or do you think they are strictly for exercise? How would you wear yours?

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