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Thursday, March 27, 2014

BEAUTY | #MothersDay – What my mum taught me about beauty

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Growing up I was harsh on my mum, it’s fair to say that it was a mutual harshness, she hated everything I wore and I found her wardrobe equally as cringe worthy.
However, my mum always looks fantastic, I’ve even been told she’s a MILF (she did not necessarily appreciate the feedback!). She trained as a hairdresser in her teens, and from a young age she taught me how to blow-dry my hair so it wasn’t a frizz bomb, instead transforming it into a sleek and full do. One of the essential tools is a good vented radial brush. I personally prefer a larger size (80mm) to get more volume. Unfortunately, if you are an avid user you need to replace your brush every couple of years as all the teeth get pulled out.

She also has taught me the importance of hair protection and using products that are right for your hair. For example I suffer from thin hair, that can look fuller with a Thickening product such as Sebastian Professional Flow Thickefy Foam. Or alternatively if I don’t want to use heat on my hair I should use a curl product like, Macadamia Reviving Curl Cream, which not only holds waves and curls in place without frizz while moisturising/conditioning my hair.

As well as always having beautiful hair, my mum’s nails are always perfectly manicured – she has got her nails done by the same person for the last 15 years (at least). Generally she gets a French Manicure, but her signature nail colour is a Bright/Barbie Pink. This has rubbed off on me, BUT my mum and I have slightly different tastes so I like to jazz my pink up with something special like glitter and a black light top coat – like this Ciate Corrupted Neon manicure set.

My mums other big thing is her fragrance, she has a few favourites well more signature fragrances like Jean Paul Gaultier. I am still trying to find mine. The latest fragrances (imagine Tyra’s voice) in the running to becoming my ‘Signature Fragrance’ are Agent Provocateur and Vera Wang Princess.

Although my mum and I are very different in style and I guess in general, I have always really admired her need to always be put together. She is always trying to look her best and if anything is too critical of herself. Regardless of how she sees herself, I love my mum and I always see her as the beautiful, strong and determined woman she is and the fantastic role model she has always been.

What beauty or style tips have you learnt from your mum?

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