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Thursday, June 19, 2014

FASHION | Retro Wishlist - Your satisfied smile, tells me it's not all right.

Retro Wishlist

Where, oh where do I begin? Growing up I was one of those weird goth/punk/skater girls that got drunk on cider at the local skate park. This is not an admission of guilt, or something I am ashamed of at all. All my weird antics as a teenage have very much shaped me today.

But as I was growing out of my awkward early-mid teens where my basic uniform were boys baggy skater jeans, skate shoes and band hoodies, I became aware of Psycho-billy chic. Fashion wise it is a mixture of punk meets retro 50s gear think Collectif, meets Hottopic. Although my dress sense is much more conservative now, I have always been drawn to this look as well as it's fantastic music! Below I have added one of the first Psycho-billy bands I ever listened to, The Horropops. They are quite pop-y to be honest.

I think the scene invokes all the chic and lovely elements of Rockabilly and 50s retro and then adds edge. I love all the kitch jewellery, hair-bands and flower hair clips teamed with victory rolls and beautifully mastered 50s waves. But most of all I like the leopard print, polka dots and the shapes - Cats eye glasses, stunning silhouettes that encourage a curvier shape and it can feel very elegant.

What do you think of Psycho-billy? 

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