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Friday, September 26, 2014

LIFESTYLE | For the love of Cats

Hubs and I have just got back from celebrating my parents 30th wedding anniversary in Estepona, Spain. Prior to leaving we had a bit of a kitty dilemma. What were we going to do with the cats while we are away?

A few years ago we went to Spain and Hub’s mum was popping in and feeding our feline family, Sega the long haired black and white female and Tobias the short haired male. While Sega could probably quite happily live out the rest of her days with no human contact accept at meal times, Tobias is a very affectionate cat and loves to be around humans.

As a result, after four days of us being away Tobias went on the run. When we got back three days later Hub’s mum had still not seen him and we were beside ourselves with worry. Hubs especially, as he is a big old softy when it comes to the cats, he even gives them a Sunday treat. Luckily, we found him a week later thanks to the “Missing” posters we had plastered around the local area (this was funded by our Pet Insurance thank goodness). Tobias had dropped a significant amount of weight since he had been away, was covered in scratches from cat fights and needed a lot of treatment from the vet.

Since then we have been putting them in the cattery while we are away to save the stress of leaving/losing them. Unfortunately, Hubs being Hubs, he left it until the last minute to book and we were having trouble placing them.

We had to seriously consider leaving them at home again with someone popping in to feed them which was a terrifying notion. None of our friends that we asked were available to flat/cat sit but we were looking at one of those pet sitting agencies. I have to admit that both these options were appealing as they are a lot cheaper than placing them in a cattery.

But Hubs was not happy with either of these ideas, if either cat was to go missing again and needed vet treatment this could cost us more in the long run with higher renewal costs and excess fees. Also, we didn't really like the idea of a stranger living in the house, and what if they were to break or steal something?

Luckily, in the 11th hour one of the catteries had a cancellation and managed to fit us in. Despite, the fact that they are in a bit of a mood with us now we are back, the cost of them staying at the cattery was really worth the peace of mind.

What do you do with your Pets when you go away? Has your pet ever gone missing? 

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