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Monday, September 28, 2015

Fashion | A/W Monochrome Wishlist

A/W Monochrome

Apparently monochrome is going to be a big trend this season, but let's be honest, when is it not? It's not as if monochrome is ever going to be a faux pas. Having embraced colours and white in my wardrobe in the last few months, I feel I am ready to explore the trend, and when better than Autumn?

I have to admit Autumn is my favourite season. It's mild, there are lovely crisp sunny mornings, not to mention it's time to get the faux fur out. I usually limit fur to accessories, mainly scarves, but this lovely fur waistcoat by Esprit has caught my eye and I feel this is the season to be brave. I love the additional texture being added to an outfit.

I've teamed it with my trusty Joni Jeans from Topshop and these lovely over the knee boots with the hint of gold on the heel. Over the knee boots in colder seasons are a real investment, they are so comfortable and versatile.

One thing I did find hard is going full out on the white - I am just so stain prone, which seems to be amplified when I wear white. I've strategically limited it to the waistcoat, a bag (which would never be allowed to touch the floor) and a scarf, which I'd like to think I wouldn't wear while eating or drinking.

Will you be going monochrome this season?

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