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After months and months of waiting, delays and boring paperwork, Joe and I are finally in our new flat. We are still ages away from being fully ‘moved in’ as such. With unpacking to complete, furniture to buy and a healthy bit of up-cycling and DIY to be done!

Joe is quite accident prone, he has had many near misses on ladders, including propping one on an un secured door and it falling forward, luckily the door didn’t fall fully open, so he didn’t get hurt. But we are never far from injury, a friend’s son accidentally dropped garden secateurs which went through his trainer and foot. I’ve also known people have much more serious accidents, like falling through a glass roof and severing the tendons in their arm, so it’s good to know you can turn to services like for piece of mind. But let’s face it, we want to avoid injury at all costs, so here are some safety tips to avoid #DIYDisasters from happening to you.

Use protection

Think about the task you are under taking and how you can protect yourself from injury. Could wearing gloves stop you from getting a splinter? Or do you need goggles to stop things from getting your eyes?

Assess the situation

Before you start anything asses what needs to be done. Can you lift the materials by yourself? Do you need support going up a ladder? If a job needs two people then wait until someone can assist you. Or if you are doing something like painting the outside of your house and you are going to have a ladder on the street, then try to avoid any busy periods your street might have, like school pick up time.

Leave the dangerous stuff to professionals

Certain things are best left to professionals, electrical jobs for example. It maybe cheaper to to follow a YouTube tutorial to do the work, but one wrong move could cost you your life. Not to mention, just because you haven’t got hurt completing the job, it could still cause injury years later, or under the wrong circumstances.

Have you got the right equipment?

It maybe tempting to go for cheaper materials or tools when completing your own DIY project. Not only can his result in less aesthetically pleasing results, but if could effect the stability of a structure if you use a weaker product or shorter nails.

Just keep breathing

If you are painting, or using some sort of solvent or spray make sure that there is enough ventilation in the room so that you don’t in hale too much, or make yourself ill.

Here’s a great infographic to give you more safety tips. 

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