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Monday, July 03, 2017

Lifestyle | So, I’ve won the lottery, how would I spend it? #Whatif

I know I’m not the only person that thinks about winning big on the lottery. In the last few months it’s something that’s been on my mind a lot. I have been daydreaming about not having a 9 to 5 and taking the opportunity to work for myself or build my own empire. Joe says I think about winning the lottery a bit too much, but I think it is up there with my weird obsession of surviving a zombie apocalypse (Thank you Walking Dead).

We do play the Euromillions occasionally, but I’ve just discovered Lottoland, which now means I can bet on the Irish Lottery and the American Powerball, giving me more chances to win.

I’ve always said if I won a lottery jackpot, I would work in some capacity. Having had a job since I was 13, I’d get bored without having the structure of working and the sense of purpose that it gives you. I’d use my new-found freedom to invest more time and money into my blog and do some volunteer work at a charity – most likely helping at an independent animal shelter. I’d also like to invest in property around Brighton and if I won a massive jackpot like the Euro millions, I would use it to create more affordable housing, something that is quite limited in the South East.There has been a shift in my mentality the last few years about how I’d spend a massive jackpot winnings. I used to dream of constant holidays, private jets and huge mansions, while I like the idea of living the lush life, I also have become aware of how having money does not solve life’s problems and doesn’t equate to happiness (think of King Midas!).

Obviously, not having to worry about money is a great relief, and being in the position to help my family and friends would be great. But, I’d like to think that I’d be a philanthropist, because I believe that when you have so much, you should help those in need. Part of me finds it hard to comprehend how people can go out and spend £100,000s on a night out when other are struggling to make ends meet. I would invest in my community, whether it was helping to build bigger premises and raise funds for local hospices or creating scholarships at private schools, something that I was a lucky benefit from when I was younger.

Regardless of how big the win, the basics remain the same, I’d buy a nice house, most likely in Hove, where we live now. Nothing too big or over the top, as its just Joe, me, Sega (catto) and Bruno (doggo) right now, but it needs to be big enough for us to start a family in the future. I’d also like to have enough room, so that visiting friends and family have somewhere to stay as well as a home office for me. I’ve always wanted a house with a utility room and larder, something that is not realistic now, considering the current cost of property. I also love the idea of having an Aga in a large homely kitchen, to host my enormous family in winter. I imagine us sitting chatting and laughing around the table, drinking red wine and eating a home cooked hearty roast. The kitchen would lead onto a fair-sized garden, so that in the Summer we could all sit outside, having a BBQ and drinking Rosé spritzers.

We’d also grow Joe’s Barbershop, we do plan to open some more shops around Sussex, but it would be great to see some further afield. Maybe, even extending them to Spain. We could also expand the brand to fashion, selling clothes, accessories and male lifestyle products, with the aim of getting them into department stores.

Finally, Joe and I could have a real honeymoon, we’d take a good few weeks off and travel around the world, I would love to go to Mexico again, I’m totally fascinated by the Mayans and would love to explore more of their pyramids and towns, and scuba dive in some shipwrecks off the coast. We could then go on to South East Asia to visit our family in Singapore, using it as a base and island hop, visiting more family in Bali and then on to Vietnam and Cambodia. Our final stop would be Hong Kong, somewhere Joe is desperate to go, before flying back home.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

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