Could you do 30 days no heat? | HAIR

I will start by explaining to you how badly I have abused my hair in the last 26 years.

Scarecrow with stray hair

My hair has been every colour of the rainbow… and more. When you have dark hair means a lot of peroxide. I also have been blowdrying, straightening and curling my hair after every wash for most of my life. Consequently my hair resembles straw. The day after washing my hair the roots are greasy and my ends knotty and uncontrollable. My hair is thinning and lifeless.

I have got to the point in my life where I need to look after my hair otherwise in another 5 years I might not have any! As a response to the fear of being bald at 30 I came up with the idea of shunning heat styling for 30 days to give my hair a break. This will also give me the chance to explore different hair styles and techniques so I don’t need to use heat as frequently in the future.

In the last month I have already made some changes to my hair care routine, firstly I now have a hair care routine, rather than lather rinse repeat.

Natural Bristle Paddle Brush
Natural Bristle Brush

My first change was my hairbrush. I have gone natural, that is to say my brush has natural bristles, which  helps promote growth and shine. The natural bristles help distribute the natural oils from the roots to the tips. I also changed my shampoo to a clarifying shampoo to wash away any build up and then use moisturising conditioner. I then follow this up with an olive based hair oil on the ends.

As a result my hair last longer between washes and the ends of my hair no longer look like straw. My hair is better, but by no means healthy. I want shinny, glossy and stylish hair and hopefully 30 days no heat will help.

So do you think you could go 30 days without your GHDs? why not join me?

Also if you have any hairstyles or tips that could help me get through these 30 days without compromising on style please either comment below or tweet me @LillaJade about any 30 days no heat tips you have.

Love Lilla xx

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