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My friend Regan is the brain child behind Ruby Hair Designs and has kindly written this guest blog for my #30daysnoheat blog to guide us to shiny hair!


It’s not easy to get beautiful, strong, shiny hair in a world full peroxide and hair straighteners. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to have untouched virgin hair to get brilliant shine. Here are my top tips for easy shine.

Avacado cut in half

1 – Eat me, drink me

Yes, I know you’ve all heard it a thousand times but drinking plenty

of water and eating well really is the key to all hair and beauty tips! Your hair follicles (the base from which your hair grows) are deep in your skin and their health is governed by our diets and lifestyles. Think of it as a seed you need to nurture. A good balanced diet with the right fats and oily foods such as avocados and oily fish are great. Now go feed that seed!


2 – Cool is … cool

This is surely the easiest tip in the world. After conditioning your hair rinse with cool water, this will help to close the cuticles on the hair shaft so that it becomes smooth. The hair cuticles are opened when it is coloured or heated and this is the most common cause for dull hair. Switch your hair dryer to its coolest setting to finish off your blow dry for a similar effect.

L'oreal Elvive Full Restore - Best Leave in conditioner

3 – Conditioner is key

It still amazes me that a lot of my first time clients don’t

hardly condition their hair. While the shampoos job is to clean and cleanse away grease and dirt, the conditioner is there to replenish the hair. Don’t forget to give the conditioner a chance to penetrate for 2 or 3 minutes and treat your hair to a good hair mask every few weeks. My favourite is L’Oreal Elvive full restore masque. Leave on for 15 minutes. Its a life changer!


4 – If you can’t handle the heat…

Straightners and tongs pull out all of the moisture from your hair making it dry and brittle. Now is the time to get practising your blowdry, girls. If done properly it should last longer and give you heaps more shine. For frazzle free curls wrap freshly washed dry hair into foam or bendy rollers with a touch of hair spray, catch some ZZzzzzz’s and in the morning hey presto! Not a tong in sight!


5 – Products are power

If you simply can’t bare to tear yourself away from those GHD’s then make sure you are using a good leave-in conditioner. Apply when your hair is damp to help it retain as much moisture as possible. Once dry a good heat protector spray is your new best friend. Last but not least use a shine serum or spray, Gliss by Schwarzkopf is a great finishing product. For a more intense shine try one of the serums from the wonderful Fantasia IC range. Careful not to over do it though, you don’t want to overload your hair with products!

Kayla Ferrel ANTM

6 – Colour me beautiful

Using a semi permanent hair colour will give you amazing shine with no damage to you hair as it uses very little of the harmful products in more permanent colours. Try a semi with the same shade but a slightly different tone to your own hair. Reds are huge this season and will bring you a little warmth through the winter months.


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Love Lilla xx

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