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Eyebrows are sensitive issues for me, I’m part Iranian, unwanted body hair is a constant battle! I grew up with luscious thick eyebrows; they were a bit too thick but nothing that a good threading couldn’t have dealt with.

Unfortunately in my youthful ignorance I hated my eyebrows and wished to have thin eyebrows like all my British friends. In my eyes they were just giant furry caterpillars conquering my forehead. This unhealthy view and compulsive need to fit in with my friends lead to an over-plucking frenzy. My brows will take decades to recover! Although I’ve never sported the pencil thin brows, but their thickness and natural shape completely disappeared.

In 2009 I embarked on a mission to be happier and change my life. After spending 2009/2010 focusing on a career change, 2011 was the start of my ‘taking care of me’ phase. I was working for a celebrity management company, who were managing Elen Rivas at the time, and I fell in love with her eyebrows. I decided this was one of my new wants! After a considerable amount of Googling, I came across HD Brows!

I immediately booked an appointment with my local HD Brow stylist using their very helpful salon finder! Filled with excitement I went along to my appointment but still had my doubts about whether they would be able to fix my eyebrows or if I could achieve the look I wanted! The lady doing my eyebrows did a fantastic job, and then showed me where I needed to grow in sections and how to use powder to achieve the look I wanted. Results are below:

Before (not the best picture I know but you can get an idea of how sparse they were):

Eye Brows before HD Brows


HD Brows After


I was recommended HD Brow ‘Grow Baby Grow’. A herbal liquid that you paint on brows (or eyelashes) to stimulate growth. I have now been using this product for nearly 2 months and the improvement in my brows is unbelievable. I never thought that they would grow back as much as they have!

Since discovering HD Brows I have recommended the treatment to numerous friends who have all had the treatment and been ecstatic. My mum could not believe my eyebrow re-growth either and has now started using Grow Baby Grow as a result!

HD Brows Grow Baby Grow

Love Lilla xx

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