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So I took the plunge and had my eyebrows tattooed! Firstly it is important to stress that this WAS NOT a spur of the moments thing, I have been thinking about this for almost 3 months.

The first important thing to do when considering getting any permanent makeup procedure is to research the practitioner. I decided to go to Katy Jobbins, who not only is experienced at permanent makeup, but is also the owner and head trainer of the Permanent Make Up Training Academy.

The second thing to do is to research the type of eyebrow that you want. To help me collate the images I used Pinterest to make an Eyebrow Board. I pinned a mixture of celeb brows and brows in makeup tutorials.

I had my eyebrows done on Friday, I had already had a free consultation where Katy did a patch test to make sure I wasn’t going to have a bad reaction to the pigment or the anesthetic. After discussing my shape Katy used her tools to Mark up each eyebrow, to show me what was being done. It was all worked using specific points of my face, so that my eyebrows are in the right place, the correct distance apart and the shape compliments my bone structure.

Katy applied the anesthetic to my eyebrows and started, the treatment took in all 1 hour. There are some things to note though:

  • My eyebrows are currently quiet dark. This is normal and the colour will reduce by about 70% in the first two weeks. I will post a new image once they have fully healed after 2 weeks.
  • As I am having the natural simulation hair strokes with powdered effect treatment I have to go back in 6 weeks to have the procedure completed (Katy will draw individual hairs into my eyebrows and thicken them up).

The Results:




Before Permanent Eyebrows Tattoo


After Permanent Eyebrows Tattoo

Frequently Asked Questions Permanent Eyebrows

1. Does it hurt?
It’s not excruciating, more of an uncomfortable scratching. Katy does offer an additional anesthetic that she applies after the initial tattooing, this reduces the sensation to just feeling vibrating. What I would say is that if you suffer from the urge to sneeze when you get your eyebrows plucked, you will experience the same thing during this procedure and the anesthetic prevents this.

2. Do they shave off my eyebrows?
Katy left the majority of my natural hair, she only removed the hair that fell outside the tattooed area, which is something I will need to maintain.

3. Aftercare and healing times.
Katy provided me with a cream which I apply to my eyebrows 3 times a day for the first 5 days. It is important to keep the area dry, although you can clean them with water on a cotton bud. You CAN NOT pluck or wax for the first 5 days either. The colour will reduce by up to 70% in the first 2 weeks.

Love Lilla xx

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