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So, yet again we face Sunday, and whist I am happy to be off, tomorrow I am back to work. Even if you love my job as much as I do, you still wish the weekend was a bit longer.

Anyway, my boyfriend always says to me that I want a champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget, but now I can. Champagne and Lemonade is an amazing website, where people who own designer pieces; shoes, clothes, bags and accessories, that they no longer want can sell them. Champagne and Lemonade collect them dry clean them and sell them at a pre-agreed price taking a 30% fee.

Yes I know, we are on ‘lemonade’ budgets so this isn’t really relevant to us. But wait! Champagne and Lemonade sell them on at a lower second hand price. Obviously you can’t expect a vintage Chanel for £20 – that is not realistic, but the pries are a lot less than in the shops, so check it out.

I’ve already started a wish list (encase I have an rich admires that would like to purchase any for me! Well a girl can dream):

Beige quilt vintage Chanel
Juicy Couture oversized HoBo bag

Love Lilla x

Love Lilla xx

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