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Kevin.Murphy Color.Bugs in Pink, Purple and Orange

                                                        Kevin.Murphy Color.Bug* in Purple, Orange and Pink

Firstly I would like to apologise for my lack of make up! I’m about to get into the shower and prepare to temporary dye my tips lilac, but I’ve also been dying to test out these Color.Bugs by Kevin.Murphy (£12.95). I’ve seen these floating about for a while, originally seeing them all over Pinterest and more recently on Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud when she revealed a full head of pink hair.

The great thing about the Color.Bugs is that they are a great way to brighten up your hairstyle for one day or night, and cause no damage to your hair. Think beach days, festival style or just a good night in town with a bit of edgy colour.

The Color.Bugs are soo easy to use (but definitely do protect your clothes when applying with a towel) and come in 3 great colours, Purple, Orange and Pink. All you do to apply is take of the lid and just gently rub the hair with the coloured powder. The brightness of the colour will vary depending on the colour of the hair you are putting it on, so the lighter your hair the more vibrant the results.

I loved the ease and will definitely be carrying at least one in my handbag incase i need to brighten up my day!

Hope you’ve all had a good Jubilee Weekend
Long Live the Queen.

Love Lilla xx

Love Lilla xx

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