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Jay Adams

Peggy Oki 
Tony Alva

Tony Hawk
My Brighton Skateboards Cruiser

Yes this is very off topic, but skateboarding has been a big interest of mine for a while. OK maybe skateboarders were what I was interested in and then I developed a hobby. I skateboarded fairly from 13-17 but then as I got older I got ‘THE FEAR’, that is to say, a became a girlie scaredy cat. I also became old enough not to have to drink in parks.

Despite not skateboarding, I was still interested in skateboarding (and skateboarders) and then developed a taste for various other extreme sports like BMX and Moto-X. Not only have I watched various CKY and skateboarding films, I also watched the Dogtown documentary, which is how I came to learn about my skate favs; Tony Alva, Jay Adams, Stacy Peralta and possibly most importantly Peggy Oki. Peggy Oki was the only female skateboarder on the infamous Dogtown team, of whom many people credit as the creators of skateboarding as it is today

Anyway it is ‘Go Skateboarding Day’ and I will be taking my cruiser out for a lovely skate with my boyfriend, providing the weather allows. That’s right thaks to my (skateboarding) boyfriend I once again am skateboarding – a lot more tamely I might add – no tricks, and it’s lovely. So why don’t you try something different today? Go for a skate.

If the weather is OK I’ll post some pictures.

Love Lilla xx

Love Lilla xx

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