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Bridgette Bra - Boux Avenue

Bridgette Bra - Boux Avenue

As I mentioned in my previous bra post I ordered some bras in the Boux Avenue sale. Getting two Bridgette embroidered unpadded balconette bras. I had to finally admit that none of my bras fitted me anymore.

My bras were all 40E and offered no support, basically making me look larger than I am. Just awful. Not only do bad fitting bras look bad, but they can also be bad for your health. I know I am not the only one who a suffers backache, or have scars from underwiring.

But where do you start? Embarrassed, I decided to work out my bra size myself. Originally, I used the stupid +4/5 method, which I will tell you now is NOT ACCURATE. Then I tried a more trusted method, shared by my favourite lingerie brand Curvy Kate.

I was still skeptical about this size – partly because I couldn’t believe my band had gone down so much. But when I got my sports bra at She Active the amazing sales assistant, confirmed I was indeed a 36E. So, my bra search started and again. I spoke to a really helpful lady at La Senza, who measured me. She also said I was a 36E before confirming nothing in the shop would fit me. So I decided to order some from Boux Avenue.

I ordered the bras in a 36E ready to have to send them back and get another size, but they were true to size! We missed the delivery in the morning as we were both at work, my O/H called to rearrange and the courier dropped them round an hour later! The bras arrived beautifully packed in a lovely box (shown above) and scattered with petals, which I loved!

The bra itself is really comfortable, with a perfect. The band is firm around my chest/back, the wires at the front are flat against my chest, I have no quadraboob and the cups aren’t too big! Another refreshing thing about Boux Avenue, is that you don’t need to take out a mortgage to buy a bra! Especially in the sale! I would definitely buy more from them again.

The only problem I had with my order is one of the bras was damaged when I received it, so I’ve had to send it back. This was very easy to do and Boux Avenue offer free returns, lets hope they have it in stock.

Love Lilla xx

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