HAIR | Dove Radiance Challenge Week 2 Overview

OK so the top picture is my official Dove photo, you can see all the other girls on their Facebook page. I have to admit they are not the best pictures, the photographer made me over smile, but hey they would have been worse when I was bigger. As a result someone commented in Portuguese that I need to see a dentist! To be honest I was bullied about my teeth a lot at school so I’m kinda over it, it hasn’t bothered me. In fact I was quite lucky as I only had two negative comments on my photos, I was really upset to see some of the awful comments on the other girls photos. Considering that the Dove brand is about real women I was very disappointed in the amount of women on women hate.  I think it is awful and pathetic that women can be so horrible and negative towards each other. We aren’t models we are real women, even models aren’t perfect, unless they are photoshopped. I guess the internet gives people the anonymity to say horrible things to people to make themselves feel better, but that doesn’t make it right.

Anyway, about the products. When I start using shampoos that contain sulphate my scalp usually becomes a dry itchy mess, so I’m again very surprised that the Dove Radiance Shampoo* hasn’t affected my scalp. Another common problem with these shampoos is that after 1 day my roots will be crazy greasy, but my hair is lasting up to 3 days which is a miracle! Conditioners are working really well, I alternate between the two and my hair is really soft. But my favorite product by fair though is the Leave In Conditioner! Its great to use to restyle my hair between washes, and because it is so light it doesn’t make my hair greasy. My colour is holding well, although I am getting a major urge to make the tips more blonde as I want some crazy colour in my hair! So on to week 3!

Love Lilla xx

Love Lilla xx
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