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When I was younger I was a punk/goth/alternative girl, I spent my time spinning poi (badly), twirling staffs, throwing a diablo and balancing on the shoulders of a busker called Gary amongst other odd and mischievous activities. So it’s not surprising that when I heard Brighton was getting a new nightclub that was themed around funfairs and sideshows I was excited!

Funfair Clubs aim was to recreate the spectacular opulence and vintage mystique of the Brighton Pier and rambling fun fairs of old and although the club wasn’t quite complete on the night, it really achieved what it aimed for. From the moment you enter and see the hanging swing and walk into the gypsy cart you immediately feel transported to a magical place. It’s the little things that make the club great on its own; the thought behind the penny covered bar top, the bed of nails table, the lavish ceilings, the Punch and Judy DJ booth and the old accordion sitting in a corner. When the decor is fully finished, complete with crazy mirrors and the giant grabber it’ll be even more spectacular.

To compliment the themed venue they had a lovely lady reading your tea leaves and a phenomenal razor blade eater who then went on to juggling swords.

Not only were we served fabulous drinks and sushi, but we were also gifted with candy floss of various crazy flavours; I got sea salt (very nice contrast) and Joe, my OH got Chai Tea, Pepper and Cinnamon (yet to try). The candyfloss was from Spoonful of Sugar. Overall it was an enchanting night and I can’t wait to go out on a proper night out there with all my friends. If you are ever in Brighton for the night and want to avoid the usual clubs like Oceana then I would strongly suggest you vist Funfair.

Love Lilla xx

Love Lilla xx
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