FASHION | MyShapes – A Range of Revolutionary Inch loss and Anti-cellulite Underwear

Imagine underwear that reduced the signs of cellulite, gave you younger looking skin
and improved your overall comfort and wellbeing – Introducing MyShapes.

First developed in Italy, MyShapes is a range of seamless underwear which utilizes
intelligent performing fiber and natural active ingredients incorporated into the fabric to
achieve a range of desired effects from inch-loss to smoother looking skin.

The MyShapes range is made of 4 different lines; Emana, Coffee, Aloe Vera and Slim,
and 14 different products.

Emana – Made from an innovative new fibre that enables the development of fabrics
with bio-active characteristics that provide a revolutionary level of fabric/skin interaction.

Independent studies show Emana increases skin elasticity by 8%, reduces the signs of
cellulite by 11% and increases the production of collagen by between 6-16%, and the
fabric’s properties don’t get lost through washing.

How does it work? Built in bioactive crystals within the Emana fibre absorbs the human
body’s heat and returns it in the form of far infrared rays (FIR). These rays penetrate
into the skin and interact with the body, stimulating blood microcirculation and cellular

The wonder fibre in choices of ‘Leggings’, ‘Panty’, ‘Brief Shaper’, ‘Boxer’ and ‘Top

Coffee – With benefit of slow release caffeine microcapsules.

Aloe Vera – Shaping and infused with Aloe Vera for intense moisturisation.

Slim – Bust line to knee body sculpting giving extra support and an ultra-
slimming effect.

This post is a press release.

Love Lilla xx

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