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I am writing this post with utter elation! It’s Satuday as I write this, although I’m not posting this until Monday, I just couldn’t wait to get typing!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you will know that at the beginning of the year I started running to aid my weight loss (35lbs off so far). Having been obese for the majority of my life, I’ve never been much of a sports person, in fact I hated it, but now I feel rubbish if I don’t exercise regularly! I look forward to working out nowadays, it’s no longer a chore, but time for me to take care of myself and clear my head.

After a recent run my trainers fell apart, literally, the sole fell off. So obviously it was time to buy some new trainers. Since I’m running regularly I thought it was time for me to invest in some proper running trainers. Running trainers are important if you are a regular runner as they can help reduce injury. My running partner recently invested in some running shoes and went to She Active where she was Gait tested to find what she needed from her trainers. She had such a great experience that I though that I would give it ago.

Gait testing is used to decided what sort of support or cushioning you need from your trainers depending on your feet and ankles and how you walk or run.

Going to She Active I was a bit apprehensive, I’ve never been very confident in sports shops but I felt as this is the slimmest I have been in about 15 years it was about time I needed to get over it! I went to the shop in Brighton and was helped out by the supervisor, Robyn, the second I started talking to her any worries I had quickly faded.

Not only was she lovely and friendly, she was very knowledgable about what she was doing, and unlike most shop assistants I’ve dealt with explained everything she was doing and why various different trainers would suit me or not. Robyn also explained to me the different types of trainers I would need to run off road, and advised me to use other trainers in the gym so that my running trainers would last longer.

Once Robyn had determined that I was a pronator, she showed me a selection of trainers that were suitable for me. I tried them on and she looked at how they supported me while I walked and then ran on the tread mill.

My other concern was that all the trainers would be ugly, but they have a range of trainers in very feminine colours and styles. I ended up getting the Nike Zoom Structure + 15s (pictured above). I immediately felt comfortable in these trainers and when I had to put my Converse back on I really noticed the difference in support.

As She Active has a sale on at the moment I thought I’d have a look at the other stuff in the shop (they sell Stella McCartney’s Adidas range). I thought it was about time I invested in a new sports bra as my one is starting to feel loose because of my weight loss. Robyn again was really knowledgable about all the bras, she asked me what I’d wear it for, and when I replied running and going to the gym she pointed out all the ones that would support me best. What I was also very surprised/happy about was that they had a large range of DD+ bras, which is a miracle! I mean La Senza no longer stock my size and they are a bloomin’ bra shop! What then impressed me even more is that Robyn started to explain to me how the bra should fit correctly and even checked it over when I tried it on to ensure I had the right one (Obviously she asked me first, I’m not shy, but I know some people are).

The thing about She Active is that it is a shop that is specifically designed for women. What I mean is every tiny detail is created with its customers in mind, they have a full range of sizes (not just in bras but in sportswear), they have trainers made specifically for women, there are designer brands, they have pink clothes, girly accessories, and even the bag that they put your purchases in make you feel like you have been to a high end boutique and not a sports shop.

To be honest I can’t praise them enough, and I just wish that every shop I went to gave me the same experience.

Love Lilla xx

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