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Cherry Blossom Premium Gel Comfort Pads*

I’m not usually a heel wearer. I would love to wear heels all day everyday, but years of living in ballet pumps and trainers have meant that I’ve never developed a tolerance to the pain caused by them. This means that heels are reserved for super special occasions, such as a wedding or a visit to a really nice restaurant. Such occasions have recently popped up and I get the heel fear.
My favorite heels are my black wedges, they are comfy and I can walk in them, but they are slightly too big so my feet slip out, also after a couple of hours in them the balls of my feet are aching massively. I wore them to Hotel Du Vin and used the Cherry Blossom Premium Gel Comfort Pads* that I had kindly been sent to review. I popped them into the wedges, and they instantly solved the sizing issue of the wedges which was fantastic. I felt that I walked better and taller as a result of knowing my feet were    better supported.
Sitting down all night I didn’t get to test the comfort factor of the gel pads, but the day of the wedding arrived, I was wearing a lovely pair of open toe sling backs by Russel and Bromley so I got the opportunity to test them out again (you can just briefly wash then under water to make them sticky again). My feet didn’t ache much at all, and I was dancing all night! In the end I had to take my shoes off because I was a bit too merry, but I could have worn the shoes a lot longer with the cushions in place! These are definitely a heel must from me in the future, I’ve tried the party feet ones before but found them really un comfortable, so was happy with the Cherry Blossom ones.

Love Lilla xx

Love Lilla xx
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