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Coast to Coast is an American restaurant and bar in Brighton Marina, naturally this gives you images of TGI Fridays or Fatty Arbuckles. While both are perfectly good restaurant chains neither really scream fine dinning! Coast to Coast is on a completely different level.

Joe and I went to Coast to Coast a couple of weekends ago and were really surprised at how nice it was so we decided to go back and review it.

Both times we have been the staff have been great and really friendly, our waiter from our first visit even recognised us and said it was good to see us again!

Now there are two problems with Coast to Coast; the first is that everything on the menu looks so good it is nearly impossible to choose what you want, and the second problem is that once you have over ordered, and you will, everything tastes so good that you don’t want to stop eating it.

Despite having previously eaten there and over ordered and been unable to finish everything we decided to start with a sharer platter of Nachos. I did take a picture but unfortunately the lighting was awful! We just got the plain Nachos but you can get them topped with BBQ Chicken or Chilli Beef. The Nachos were good, the guacamole was amazing and the potion size was more than enough. No need to say we demolished the whole plate!

I was finding it really hard to decided on the main, I previously had the Pulled Pork Burger which was divine, but I decided to choose something different this time and ended up ordering the Chilli Special which is one of their prime burger topped with beef chilli, mayonnaise, rocket, fresh tomato, red onion and dill pickle, I also added some Monterey Jack cheese. You can choose between chips or sweet potato chips (or a mix), I chose the later.

Joe went for the Philly Cheese a burger topped with Pepper Jack cheese sauce and crispy bacon. Served with mayonnaise, rocket, tomato, red onion and dill pickle with a mix of fries and I side of onion rings ( the onion rings were so good!).

The burgers are big, and these two were particularly messy so we ate them with a knife and fork! The burgers are made from prime angus beef and the quality of the meat can really be judged by how good they taste! What I also like is the soft burger buns that the are served in. Joe and I both agreed that these burgers are better than Gourmet Burger Kitchens. As for the sweet potato chips, well they are in a class of their own. In my personal experience sweet potatoes can be soggy or hard, where as the Coast to Coast ones are perfect especially when dipped in the Louisiana sauce that is served with the burger!

I did really enjoy my Chili Special but for me the Pulled Pork is the winner, although there is still a plethora of dishes on the menu that I need to try! 

Despite being full we were very easily persuaded to share a New York Cheese cake which was served with Blackcurrant cheesecake ice cream. I’m a big cheesecake eater and this New York cheesecake was not a disappointment and the ice cream was superb and the flavours really complimented each other.

I was really happy with both my trips to Coast to Coast, so much so that I am having a family birthday breakfast there later on in the month! Perfect opportunity to try out their amazing breakfasts!

So if you get the chance I would definitely recommend a visit.

Love Lilla xx

Love Lilla xx

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