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The aim

The aim is to create some fantastic looks for autumn/winter by being as creative and stylish as you can, but also looking for great value products and make potential savings wherever possible.

In your blog post, you should clearly state which category each outfit is for. You should also credit the source of all images you use, and explain why each outfit is great value and will stand the test of the great British winter. Remember, the more detail the better!

top + jeans + cardigan + satchel + shoes + necklace = £126.96

This is my office outfit. Where I work the dress code is quite relaxed. I’ve teamed these shiny jeans with a casual t-shirt that has a fun print and a snuggly cardigan, my office is open plan and can get a bit cold. I shopped around for the jeans to find the best price I could and found that New Look are generally cheapest on super soft jeans.

To dress the outfit up a bit I added the statement necklace and shoes. Although the necklace costs £15.00 it’s versatile and can be worn day or night with a variety of outfits. I chose a satchel to accompany the outfit as it is practical and I love them! 

top + jeans + jacket + bangles + hat + trainers + bag = £142.94

This is my casual look. I like to relax in jeans and an oversized t -shirts. The jacket will keep me warm and also adds a grunge edge to it as does the hat. The high tops have a hidden wedge and adds some height. The stud details on the bag and the bangles add to the grunge loo. The biker jacket can be worn with various looks in mind and by not going for leather reduces cost hugely.

top + jeans + cardigan + shoes + necklace + ring + purse = £148.00

I recently got engaged and have been with Joe for close to six years, so I haven’t been on a first date in many many years. I think it is important to start a potential relationship off with an honest start and have never felt the need to get all dressed up. This outfit really shows who I am, the wedged boots and accesories dresses it up a bit making it a good option for drinks, the cinema or dinner. I love the purse and it’s on sale.

top + leggings + coat + necklace + boots + bag = £198.99

My outdoor look consists of some sturdy knee high boots, some wet look leggings and a t-shirt with a neon trim to add a bit of colour. The knitted coat will keep me warm and snug. I chose this silver necklace to jazz up the basic outfit. The backpack’s quilted detail matches the boots. These boots would be hard wearing and really suitable for outdoor use and therefore worth the £55.

cuff + ring + shoes + dress + nail varnish + clutch = £147.50

This is my Party look. It’s very different from all my others. Firstly it is a dress and secondly it’s rather girly look! I think dresses are great for a big night out and they give me a huge amount of confidence at a party. I’ve teamed the dress with rose gold accessories, the rings R.R.P is £110.00 but it is reduced to £21.50 which is a major bargain!

Love Lilla xx

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