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While Lilla whisks off to Costa Del Sol in Spain and you are wondering who is typing behind the blog now let me introduce myself, I am Liya, guest posting for her today.

I do have a slight envy that she is off for a family holiday, (hope you are having a good time at the beach Lilla, pack some sand for me in those fancy tiny bottle! hehe), while I am still stuck with life. Aha.

 Just to soak some Spanish spirit around, I will be rounding up 4 of my favorites brands together with their latest fall collection from Spain! The price range of this retailers are little more midrange with the likes of Topshop.

1.Pull And Bear (Woman’s Spike and Studs Fall 2012)

This brand focuses on laid back styles and has recently launched an online shop as well. I love that this brand concept store is so cozy! Looks like they are focusing on the Spikes and Studs trend, love this! You can even DIY it on your on clothes.

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2. Stradivarius (Woman’s October 2012 Lookbook)
Stradivarius (not the violin), this clothing brand packs up a lot of chunky knits in their October Lookbook. A lot of their items are very much basic but colorful and trendy.

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3. Zara

Zara has 3 categories, the ones below are the Women’s Section and TRF section. Both differing, leaning to Adults and Teens. The Women’s section are much classier while TRF are very trendy and daring.

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4. Bershka

BSK have a lot of clothes that are super casual and comfortable. Pretty much good for casual days while their collection of party dresses are amazing!

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That sums up my four favorites in a glance, if you are interested, you can check out their website with the links i have left. What about you? 

Do you have any favorite brands from Spain?

Love Lilla xx

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