HAIR | Tips for taking care of dyed red hair

 Tips for taking care of dyed red hair

A Redhead is easily manageable provided you follow few tips for dyed red hair after colouring. When red heads
are above a certain social grade their hair is auburn. The beauty of a person is not in the attire one
wears or the figure they carry but also the way one maintains the hair. It’s the fashion technology that
created a trend in the hair colour-job. The launch of these products made the customary colorant users
flabbergasted. The price of the shades varies from one manufacturer to another and anyone can look
trendier wearing red dye.

Here are a few tips for taking care of dyed red hair:

Water is the worst enemy of colours as said by New York City hair colourist ‘Ruth Roche’.
Latest researches state that 80% of hair fades because of water and not because only

The reason is that, dye shreds the strands of their outer phospholipid layer and
winds up factually going down the hair. So, rinse in the shower hardly twice a week and not
more than that as excessive rinsing causes faster loss of dye as discussed. Use cool or lukewarm
water to wash your hair as heat makes the dye trickle faster.

Massage with warm oil before you rinse

You can use the natural oils like coconut, olive, almond etc., or even go for the colour-protection lubricants prescribed to rejuvenate as well as improve the growth of hair.

Use colour-protecting shampoo

They are formulated with few protective essences that work gently and nourish the hair.

Use appropriate shampoo, serum and conditioner for colour-treated hair. Mild, natural and less
chemical moisturisers are preferable.

Hair care tips for Tips for taking care of dyed red hair

Band, plait or dress your hair in different styles for longer colour sustainability and cover the
scalp when you go out to reduce the effect of the sun.

Cut (trim) your hair regularly or at least thrice a month to reduce split or dry ends. It even helps
your hair grow longer.

Maximise your dyed red hair colour

As red hair takes a few applications to hold the colour for long, dye your hair every six or eight
weeks. For self-users, start applying the dye from the roots and then run the colour all above.

Don’t leave the dye on for too long. Also, don’t shampoo for two days after it is applied so that
the hair holds the colour.

Style is important, if not more than colour retaining i.e. if you have coloured your hair, you ought to
use the desired products designed especially for dyed hair and no other products. You can find these
products in vast and all you need to have is sufficient money as they are a bit pricey. Alike “if you want
something, you need to lose something”, if you desire to have a redhead, you’ll have to spend money
on obligatory products. Money isn’t a material if you stick to buy these accessories looked-for as same
day cash loans serve dough irrespective of cause.

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