FASHION | Boux Avenue – Gift Buying Guide For Men

Boux Avenue has released this great lingerie buying guide for men! I don’t know about you but I often dread to think what my OH has purchased me for Christmas (this year I think I am getting a skateboard – I do kind of want it, but only so we can go out together more often on them).

In our romcom delusions we often imaging that our spouse will treat us to some beautiful lingerie that will make us feel really confident and sexy. In reality if this was to happen it quickly becomes apparent that our idea of sexy silk and delicate lace is not the same as his idea of hideous stripper wear! Even without images of red PVC there is always the dilemma of size and comfort! You may not be a thong girl, but he might want you to be! Not to mention cup sizes are complicated enough for women, without men trying to work it out!

This guide will help even the most hopeless man buy you a suitable gift just by answering the questions in the infographic. Not to mention that there is free delivery on all orders over £50! If the thought of your partner buying you underwear makes you nervous, you could always suggest he buys you a gift card, there are three different designs and range and start at a balance of £10.

Mens Buying Guide

Love Lilla xx

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