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I was lucky enough to be contacted by Rani from Lois Loves Lashes to see if I wanted to have some Nouveau Eyelash Extensions* put on. I thought how perfect with the Christmas part season coming up!
Nouveau Lashes are a semi-permanent lash extensions that give the effect of longer, thicker, very natural looking lashes. They can only be applied by a qualified Nouveau professional. The Nouveau group are also responsible for the HD Brow. Application takes 1.5hours to 2.5hours depending on the look you wish to achieve.

The lashes are virtually weightless and are applied to your lashes one at a time. Nouveau Lashes even appear to have their own root.

This sort of lashes are nothing like traditional falsies, which are usually stuck to your eyelid and only last a few days at the most and can look very un-natural.

These extensions should not be confused with cluster lashes, or other similar options. Cluster lashes consist of 5 to 8 lashes tied together in a tiny knot at the base. Because they come together at the base, they allow room for more lashes and thus create a fuller, more flared effect. However, the problem with cluster lashes is that, because they’re bound together and need extra support, they often get glued to more than one natural lash. This means that when one of the natural lashes falls out, the other will also be ripped out prematurely, potentially damaging the follicle.

The procedure entails the technician (Rani) cleaning my lashes with a protein remover pad to get rid of traces of oils and proteins, preparing my lashes for treatment. Rani then combed through my lashes and then covered my lower lashes and lower eye area with soft gel pads.

Rani prepared for the application by applying Nouveau lashes to the back of her hand, and places the correct amount of adhesive into the ring cup. She then selected an appropriate eyelash to apply the extension to. The individual lash is isolated using tweezers in preparation for application. Rani applied the Nouveau Lash extension to my individual eyelashes, using a special adhesive to achieve the perfect bond. This was followed by using an eyelash comb to perfect the positioning of each lash. This process was repeated, alternating between both eyes, until the client has a full set of beautiful lashes.

She did a beautiful job, I specifically asked for a more natural look, I was worried I’d come out looking like Katie Price, but after meeting Rani I realise I shouldn’t have been worried at all!

Rani decided to train in Nouveau eyelash extensions because she loved having them done herself! After training she converted part of her house into a beautiful treatment room and decided to start her business from home full time.

If you are in Brighton or the surrounding areas and would like to have your lashes done at Lois Loves Lashes  all information can be found here:

Phone number: 07549 698504

Prices are as follows:

Nouveau lashes full set:

£60 for a natural look (1.5 to 2 hours)
£75 for a glamorous look (2 to 2.5 hours)

The lashes need maintenance to replace any lashes that have naturally fallen out. This should
ideally be done every 2-3 weeks to keep them looking full and beautiful.

£25 – in-fill (2-3 weeks)
£35 – in-fill (3-4 weeks)

After more than 4 weeks, a charge for a full set will apply.

Love Lilla xx

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