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I was sent these socks a while ago but was too excited to take a photo and now I have worn them, a lot. I know that sounds so stupid, but I love cosy socks! I have bad circulation and can’t stand my toes feeling cold!

I have loads of warm cosy socks, but these are by far the warmest, which isn’t surprising as they have a 2.3 tog rating. The tog rating system is what they use to measure the warmth of a duvet.

My O/H and I love to be comfortable when we are relaxing at home and these socks have become a firm favourite to go with my various onsies! He has his own collection of snuggly socks, but I could see he wanted his own pair!

When my family and I went away on holiday a couple of months a go, I took them with me and my youngest sister immediately noticed them and kept going on about how warm they look and how jealous she was. As a reuslt I actually ended up buying them both a pair for Christmas!

The socks come in loads of different colours and with or without grip depending on your own preference. From the oustside they look like ribbed warm socks (they are
91% Acrylic 5% Nylon 3% Polyester 1% Elastane) on the inside they are a warm fleecy sort of texture.

I am definitely going to be buying more of these babies!

Love Lilla x

Love Lilla xx

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