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Trevor Sorbie recently held an event in Brighton, which I was unable to attend due to some epic dental work that left me looking like the elephant lady for an evening. I was quite gutted about missing out, but had no need to be as they invited me in to have a cut and colour!

I was booked in to have my colour done by Kate Wilson, who is the salon owner and director of colour. On  arrival I was offered a huge range of drinks (including pimms!) and led to my seat so that I could have my consultation.

Initially I had gone in hoping to have my hair lightened to look like the amazing Mila Kunis as seen below. I like the more subtle ombre and like the way it looks a bit like it has been highlighted by the sun, not to mention the shine!

Kate looked at the image and then had a look at my hair and was honest with me. Basically she admitted that she could colour my hair like Mila Kunis, but because of the condition of my hair it would not be as glossy and shiny and would probably snap off.

After talking to me about what I want for my hair in the long run (a long thick glossy mane similar to my pre uni hair) and establishing my hair history (too much bleach, home dyes and glue in extensions), Kate gave me two options. I could have a drastically different look there and then, but at the cost of my hair dreams, or I could play it safe and start making improvements in the condition of my hair. I bet from the many posts about me wanting to improve my hair you can guess which I went for!

I have to admit I found Kate’s approach very refreshing, it shows pride in her work and a great deal of care for her clients. This kind of honesty is rare, she could have simply just given me what I wanted and let me walk out with brittle and dry hair. I know my hair was in a worse condition last year when I got my dip dye and the colourist didn’t even bat an eyelid, as a result my initial dip dye was very brassy and yellow. Again when I went to Dove and they re-did my dip dye for their campaign, they were happy to put more peroxide on top of it.

My hair before – I don’t know where the random red tone came from!

 Kate started off my applying a long lasting semi permanent dye to my hair and leaving it in for about 20 minutes. She explained that she had to take it darker in order to cover over my patchy home dye colour (I am no longer dying my hair at home.).

Kate applying a long lasting semi permanent hair colour

Kate then sat down and spoke to me about how we were going to get my hair back on track. Firstly I am to only use the products below on my hair. Kate kindly gave me the Trevor Sorbie Salon X-clusive Nourishing Shampoo, Conditioner and Protective shine spray as well as the Kerastase Initialiste Advanced Scalp and Hair Concentrate (which is a leave in scalp treatment) and the Kerastase Densi -Recharge hair and nail supplements (a capsule and pill to be take daily with a meal to help improve my hair and nails). We also made an appointment for me to come back in six weeks for another cut and colour to monitor the progress. I am no longer allowed to home dye my hair because of the amount of damage it causes, but this combined with using the products should result in my hair improving significantly.

Once the dye was washed out, they then applied an Intense Boost treatment which they rough dried into my hair, washed out. I also had a vegetable dye put on to my hair to help add shine.

Then the lovely Sacha gave my hair a much needed cut to give it some shape and get rid of any dry ends to encourage growth. This was followed by an amazing blow out.

After all this pampering my hair looked lovely and unbelievably shiny. Although I left the salon with something completely different to what I had planned, I am definitely pleased with the results and can’t wait to see my hair transform, with Kate’s help, in the future. Trevor Sorbie is now my salon of choice!

On another note, although Kate said there wouldn’t be a drastic change in my look, there is quite a noticeable difference in these comparison images below.

Love Lilla x

Love Lilla xx

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