FASHION | My new Gladiator Sandals from Jones Bootmakers


 Hope Casual Sandals*

Thanks to Summer finally deciding to arrive, I have now had the chance to wear my new scandals from Jones Bootmakers.

The shoes are called Hope Casual Sandals* and come in either Black or Red. The shoes are leather too.  I love the stud detail on the strap, it’s nice to have a bit of detailing and can easily be worn both during the day at work and in the evening to a BBQ on the beach. I ordered the shoes on-line and received them within a day of my order, despite being sent an email that there might be some delays.

When I received them I was really impressed by the quality. I usually just buy cheapo Primark ones, but after seeing how much better these ones from Jones fit I will not be doing that again! They are well fitted to my foot so that when I walk the sole stays with my foot, rather than flapping loosely around – which is what I am used to! After wearing them for a couple of days, I have not had any issues with wearing them in or them causing me blister, which is a rarity for me.

To be honest I always saw Jones Bootmakers as a bit of a posh shop, for occasion shoes, but they have a great range of womens sandals including Birkenstocks and Fitflops.

What do you think of my new sandals?

Love Lilla x
[/noskim] Love Lilla xx


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