LIFESTYLE | Dunelm Mill – White Rosalie Duvet Cover Set

White Rosalie Duvet Cover Set*
On my bed – lighting isn’t great
Close up of the applique detailling.
Sega is already a fan!

My BFF (JT) and I are Dunelm Mill obsessed. My mum took me there several years ago after I first moved in with the hubs (husband is too long) and shortly after I took JT there. We haven’t been in a while, but if the mood takes us we will go to Dunelm and have a browse – we like shopping for home ware!

I’ve bought a fair amount from Dunelm and they have a lovely range of bedding (in fact all our pillows and our duvet are from Dunelm). I decided to buy the Rosalie Duvet Cover Set (King Size Duvet + 2 Pillows, £37.99) partly because the hubs is fed up with girlie bedding and partly because I like the floral detailing on it and I can image dressing the bed up in future with a lovely throw and some cushions. The duvet cover is made from 52% Polyester and 48% cotton. I’ve found it very easy to wash, despite it being white and after the first wash it felt a lot softer.

I also ordered the Plain Dye Collection Pleated Fitted Valance in white (King size £13.99) to complete the look.

What do your bed covers look like? Are you a Dunelm fan?

Love Lilla x

Love Lilla xx

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