LIFESTYLE | How My Dyson DC47 Vacuum Helped Me Love My Cats Even More (If That Is Possible!)

Dyson DC47 vacuum *

A few months ago I was lucky enough to be sent a Dyson DC47 vacuum with the new Tangle Free Turbine. This was a very important moment in my home life and possibly eased tensions in our household.

Left: Tobias / Right: Sega

I have two lovely cats, Sega (a long haired white and black girl) and Tobias (a short haired white and grey boy), as much as I love them both, being perpetually covered in cat hair is exasperating. No amount of washing, tumble drying or lint rolling ever makes a difference. It’s not just the clothes either, it’s everywhere they walk, sit, sleep or rub up against.

We (my husband) were sweeping our laminate flooring daily and our hoover never made a dent in the hair on the carpet in our bedroom. Our friends would come over and strategically place their coats in places where they hoped the cats could not reach.

Before you look at the disgustingly hairy picture below I will point out that my house doesn’t get this furry. My cats have recently been to the cattery while we were away and this was their comfort blanket. Needless to say they obviously rubbed up against it a lot.

This gave me the opportunity to test the Dyson’s Tangle Free Turbine. I know it hasn’t completely rid the blanket of fur – but considering it’s a felt blanket and I was struggling to hold it down while I was vacuuming, I think it did amazing. My previous vacuum cleaners would not have made a difference!

Left: Before / Right:After (with a bit of a comparison in the corner.)

The DC47 is the first cylinder vacuum with 2 Tier Radial cyclones, this means that there is increased airflow, which picks up more microscopic dust. Additionally, it is one of the Ball technology Dyson’s, which mean it is so easy to manoeuvre, it’s also really light and very easy to empty (vacuum bags used to be the bane of my existence!).

Thanks to the DC47, our house and clothes are a lot less hair covered and I don’t recoil when Tobias comes over and rubs up against my legs! The only thing that would make this Dyson better would be if it was completely silent so that I could give the cats a once over, currently they see it and peg it! If you want to see what the Tangle Free Turbine can do, you can check out the video below!

Love Lilla xx

Love Lilla xx

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