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Having had Lash Extensions a couple times, I decided to try something different. Although I do like the Lash Extension look, I find that the treatment is quite time consuming and that while the results are great, the infills need to be done fairly regularly. Not to mention that the lashes can fall out quite unevenly.

After speaking to Susheel at Visage Beauty, I decided to try a Lash Lift instead. Susheel is a mobile beauty therapist, who does a range of treatments such as facials and eyebrow shaping. She operates in both London and Brighton, and creates her salon in the comfort of your own home.

The Lash Lift takes approximately 45mins and last up to six weeks. The treatment uses no adhesive or lash extensions and allows you to take a break from getting Lash Extensions without compromising your beautiful eyelashes.

Unlike traditional eyelash perming, this treatment does not use rods to curls your lashes, instead it uses silicon shields to straighten your lashes from the root, making the lashes look longer and fuller.

After cleansing my eye area and lashes, Susheel applied the gel eye-shields under my eye and then applied the silicon shield to my upper eyelid close to my lash line. She then applied the pink perming solution to my eyelashes whilst putting them back against the shield. Once the pink perming solution has worked it’s magic, Susheel removed it and repeated the same procedure again with the blue setting solution setting solution. 

When I saw the results I was honestly amazed, but skeptical about them lasting six weeks. I had the treatment eight weeks ago and the effects have now worn off. But, at six weeks, although not as perky as they had been when they were first done, they still looked like I had a set of falsies on.

Are you a regular Lash Extension user, would you switch to a Lash Lift?

Love Lilla x

Love Lilla xx

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