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A few months ago I was contacted by Dunelm (formerly Dunelm Mill) and asked if I would like to take party in their 30 days of sleep blogger challenge, obviously I said yes. Anything that requires me to spend more time in bed is great!

Each participant was provided with:

A new Duvet Cover Set (Yes more for my Duvet Cover Obsession!)

– A blackout blind (I didn’t get one as my window is a random size)

Memory Foam Pillows

A Matress Topper 

Although I am a better sleeper than I used to be, I often spend ages trying to get comfortable, or wake up in the middle of the night a dead arm/hand!

My other problem is I often find it hard to fall asleep once I’m in bed, and while I try to fall asleep I think too much. In years gone by this has often lead to me over thinking things which in turn lead to me feeling anxious and uneasy. This then lead to a vicious cycle where I would be to anxious to sleep.

I’ve worked on my anxiety issues a lot in the last few years, and thankfully I generally have it under control. 

But, oddly the main anxiety I have nowadays, when trying to sleep, is that I am going to sleep through my alarm and be late to whatever I’m committed to the following morning. Generally this only happens when I have something big coming up – i.e. first day at a new job, or an important client meeting. Even though I fall asleep, it tends to be the type of sleep where you don’t really feel like your asleep, and my fear of being late is a key feature in my dreams. The ironic thing about all of this is that I generally can’t sleep past 8/8.30am anyway!

I’m looking forward to taking on this challenge as I would love to be able to have regular nights of decent sleep without thrashing about (I’ve actually elbowed Hubs in the head whilst sleeping), tossing and turning and losing feeling in my limbs!

Do you have any trouble going to sleep?

Love Lilla xx

Love Lilla xx

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