LIFESTYLE | Do you remember Hot or Not?

Who remembers Hot or Not? I remember when the website launched and everyone was going on there to rate peoples attractiveness.

It was extremely addictive, firstly clicking through all the pictures, and rating them all (great for lowering productivity at work!) but also checking what your score was. After years of being on MySpace, I was an expert at ‘The Angles’ so managed to keep an OK score! The best part was realising that you were rating a mate, but they actually look nothing like their photo!

But now technology has moved on, we need constant access to this sort of stuff and with the average person spending over 15 hours a month on Facebook, it was logical that Hot or Not would start a presence on Facebook and also create a Facebook app.

But they have also launched an app in iTunes for the iPad, iPhone and iPod (you can download it here for free). The app allows you to:
* Check out how Hot you are and get your score
* Find out who is Hot around you
* Like your Facebook friends and their friends
* Chat with interesting people around you

Obviously the concept has come along way since the website launched, meaning it now also is a sort of dating app allowing you to get in contact with hotties in your area.

When you sign up to the app you can sign in with your Facebook profile, which automatically updates your location and adds photos to your profile (you can remove the ones you don’t like). You can also see if the person you are viewing has any friends in common with you on Facebook, so you can do a bit of an investigation should you decide you like them. You can also update your profile with interest that you have and on the persons screen it will also tell you how many interests you have in common.

To help promote the app, Hot or Not, are also running a Sweepstakes (for 18+) where you can Win $1000 voucher for a retailer of your choice. It is open to UK Residents too. All you have to do to enter is enter in your email address before February 15th. So good luck!

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