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goodfellas chillax pack - wine, candles, disposable camera, pizza dish and cutter, chillout cd and bottle opener
goodfellas chillax pack

To celebrate the launch of the Goodfella’s Extra Thin range of Pizza, Hubs, and I was sent a lovely Chillax Pack so we could have a special night in to enjoy a pizza together.

goodfellas exrtra thin pepperoni and chorizo pizza
goodfellas exrtra thin pepperoni and chorizo pizza

I’m sure I have mentioned before that pizza is Hub’s favourite food, I think he actually thinks it is one of his five a day! He was guaranteed to get into this chillaxing night, however nowadays we are surrounded by technical noise; we watch TV while using our laptops, computers or tablets to browse the net as we message with others on our phones using social media (which we are usually checking on the laptops!). While social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, are designed to bring people together, new research by Goodfellas Extra Thin suggests that we are actually less social in reality, with one in four friends and family now becoming completely digital in our lives.

Even for Hubs and I, who live together and see each other everyday, we still communicate less, because we are so involved in our digital lives that we often spend nights in front of the TV on our phone. Does this even count as spending time together?

For our special evening in, we turned off the TV and put down our phones, instead we put on the chill out CD sent to us in our Chillax pack and enjoyed the lovely wine by candlelight. I served the Extra Thin Pepperoni and Chorizo pizza on our new pizza tray. I personally prefer Thin Crust Pizza, but Hubs is more of a thick crust guy, but we both enjoyed the pizza and conversation.

Goodfellas Thin Crust Pizza comes in three different toppings; Pepperoni & Chorizo, Mozzarella & Pesto and Vegetable & Goats Cheese and is available at Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury and ASDA now.

Love Lilla xx

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